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Volunteer prep program

Hello again everyone!

With the fall semester at the university of Alberta in full swing, the paleontological society on campus has once again started up it’s volunteer prep program! This program allows anyone with an interest in paleontology to come in and work on fossils that were collected in the previous season.
No experience is necessary and we have volunteers from a variety of backgrounds. This year they are working on Edmontosaurus material from the Edmonton, Alberta area.
The first picture below is just a sample of how many projects are being worked on by the volunteers. The second is of a vertebra being works on by one of the volunteers!
This is an amazing program for anyone interested in the science and preparation of dinosaurs. If you would like more information, let us know. A link to their Facebook group will be posted shortly.




The beginning of discovery

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sean McWade and I have spent my entire life fascinated by dinosaurs, extinct reptiles, and absolutely everything from the natural world that existed millions of years ago. I remember visiting museums as a kid and seeing these massive and inspiring creatures in their full glory on display, and I always wondered how they were put back together.

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some incredibly talented palaeontologists and lab technicians through the years, and I want to show the world just what is involved in bringing these magnificent creatures from the field to their showroom condition on display in museums. My goal through this blog is to show the process of preparation, give up to date news on paleontological finds in the world, and ¬†answer any questions that anyone has.

This site’s goal is to be educational and to inspire others to discover and learn about a time before our own. Thanks for checking out the site, and posts will continue!