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Hadrosaur Femur from Field to Lab

The pictures below show the steps of bringing a fossil from the field into the lab. This Hadrosaur Femur discovered during the 2011 field season is currently in the lab waiting to be prepared. It took four people to carry the casted femur from where it was discovered to a road where it could be loaded into a truck and taken home

The fossil is wrapped in burlap and plaster to create a protective cast around it while it is being transported and prepared


300 million year old 3D Daddy Long Legs!

An international crew of researchers have released their findings on 300 million year old daddy long legs spider relatives! check out this link for all the information on how this group may have first evolved and what has lead to their overall success to this very day

courtesy of sciencedaily.com

Earliest Known Placental Discovered in China

A new article released this week describes a newly discovered species out of China from 160 million years ago that is the earliest known placental mammal, diverging from the marsupial form of reproduction. This was just the beginning of the great divergence of placental mammals that include us!

courtesy of bbc.co.uk

courtesy of bbc.co.uk

Largest Dinsoaur Tooth Marks Described

Palaeontologists in South Korea have described what they are claiming as the largest carnivorous tooth marks on the tail bone of a herbivorous dinosaur. The largest of the marks ran 17 centimetres long, 2 centimetres wide and 1.5 centimetres deep. There is also evidence that several different dinosaurs fed on the same prey item by tooth mark evidence!

courtesy of Archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.com

Most complete Thalattosaur ever discovered in Alaska!

check out this article for a story on a thalattosaur discovery made in Alaska that was just recently published on. Thalattosaurs were a group of marine reptiles that lived during the Triassic Peiod, and are rare finds. This discovery will help significantly in understanding more about their biology!

courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Largest Set of Australian Polar Dinosaur Footprints Found

A new set of polar dinosaur footprints found on Australia’s coast has provided the largest and most well preserved set of tracks known of polar dinosaurs in the Southern Hemisphere. Check out this article for more details and be sure to check out the video on the same page at the bottom of the article!

(image courtesy of dailymail.co.uk)

New Giant “Phoenix Bird” Rises Again

Check out this link for a story on an absolutely massive bird found by palaeontologists in Central Asia from over 65 million years ago! Its finds like these that help us develop a better understanding of the immense diversity of animals that lived during that time

*image taken from guardian.co.uk*

Pregnant Plesiosaur Discovery!

Check out this link about a 72-78 million year Plesiosaur found in the mid-west of Kansas with a young fetus preserved inside of it!

(image from cbc.ca and Natural History Museum of Los Angeles)

Grand Prairie, Alberta Fossil Dig Attracts Celebrities

Check out this newspaper article for  story on a fundraising benefit held in Grand Prairie, Alberta which was attended by actors such as Dan Aykroyd, Robert Kennedy Junior, Lorne Michaels, Michael Budman, Matthew Gray Gubler and Patricia Cornwell.

Ceratopsian Predentary

The Predentary of ceratopsians was located at the tip of the lower jaw and acted much like a beak for cropping off vegetation for consumption

This ceratopsian predentary was found during the 2011 field season in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada and was found isolated.