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Dromaeosaurid claw

It’s the opportunities to work on specimens like this why I followed through in pursuing paleontology. This dromaeosaurid claw was found in dinosaur provincial park and is roughly 70-75 million years old



Hadrosaur Femur from Field to Lab

The pictures below show the steps of bringing a fossil from the field into the lab. This Hadrosaur Femur discovered during the 2011 field season is currently in the lab waiting to be prepared. It took four people to carry the casted femur from where it was discovered to a road where it could be loaded into a truck and taken home

The fossil is wrapped in burlap and plaster to create a protective cast around it while it is being transported and prepared

Ceratopsian Predentary

The Predentary of ceratopsians was located at the tip of the lower jaw and acted much like a beak for cropping off vegetation for consumption

This ceratopsian predentary was found during the 2011 field season in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta, Canada and was found isolated.