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There’s a shell!

Back in the lab again this week with Several volunteers. Work began again on the fossil turtle, which has produced a shell! So far the shell looks fairly complete, and is the outline of it can be seen in the pictures below. A limb element seems to be sitting on top of the mass, so there is hope for more bone in there as well. This is the first turtle I have worked on and it’s really starting to get exciting! If you have any questions, comment below!





Back in the lab

It’s another week in the lab and everyone is busy working on their projects. This week a turtle specimen was started that I will be posting updates on weekly. More info news to come next week!




Pieces to a puzzle

It’s prep day again and the crew is back to work on the fossils. Here is an image of a bone fragment from an Edmonton bonebed a it’s obvious when people say that some fossil preparation is like putting together a puzzle. This fossil should be glued together by the end of the day and a follow up picture will follow. Enjoy!


The Lab

This is one view of the lab that is located in the basement of the biological Sciences building at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.